Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the suburbs vs rednecks

We have an issue in our town about a farm.  The farm has been there since the 1860's  Just about ALL of the land in our town was at one time owned by the family that has owned that farm since the 1860's.  Most of the beautiful mcmansions that dot our landscape were once farmland.  Basically, no one that lives there now would have a home if the family had not sold the property in the first place. 

But now that it's a suburb and not the country, the farm is "an eyesore" and "it stinks too much" and "why does he have to keep his tractors out all the time?".  And "OH MY GOD.  The cow just gave birth next to the street- that's animal abuse -call 911".  

So yesterday when I was passing the farm on my way to my street less than 1/4 mile away, I happen to look over and see - a bull and a cow, doing what comes naturally for a bull and a cow to do.  Right next to the fence.  Right next to the road.  For all of rush hour traffic to see.  And I got home and heard the sirens.  So I got back in my car and rounded the corner just in time to see the sheriff pulling into the farm.  

Yes people, someone called the cops because the cows were having "relations" too close to the road.  

The next thing you know, they will be requiring the farmer to put pants on the male sheep after they are sheared, because everyone can see their balls.  


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

*gasp* you mean to tell me the male sheep don't wear pants????

smiles, bee

Eric and Flynn said...

It's like that here as well. There was a Naval estate about a mile from us which overlooked farm fields (not ours)and it was sold off to private owners.One day a man knocked at our door and said he was fed up with the cows mooing and would we please keep them quiet. My husband told him that actually they weren't our cows, but he would go and have a word with them and ask them to moo more quietly if that would help. The man wasn't impressed!
Also when my in laws died, we sold off the farmhouse. When our new neighbours moved in they told us they couldn't stand horses neighing or the smell of the dung heap. We have run our place as a horse livery yard for 25 years before they moved in, so why buy a home next door to horses if you don't like them? He moved a couple of years later because the awful country lanes made his car dirty.

Kea said...

Oh, I'm just rolling my eyes here. Nope, don't buy a house next to a farm if you don't like non-human animals, folks.

For myself, I'll take the four-legged animals over the two-legged pretty much any day!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Yet another sign The End has to be getting even closer!

A similar thing transpired with the neighbours near the plant I worked at for years - they purchased houses IN SIGHT OF A QUARRY yet they were aghast there was dust and backup alarms in the middle of the night -


Thumper said...

I can just imagine the 911 call. "You should see these *&%^$#* cows!"

I wonder if I could make a lot of money inventing a bovine chastity belt...

Derby, Ducky said...

Funny but sad. These are the same people who move close to the airport and then complain about the noise.

If you want to live out in the country, then you have to accept the animals, noises and smells of the country.

Nico and JayJay said...

Nice... How quickly people forget where their produce comes from!

As for the animals, well they're going to do what they're going to do, shame is a human trait - here's a crazy thought, if you don't like seeing the cow & the bull do "the deed", DON'T WATCH!!

~Cory :)

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

How funny! I would have loved to have heard that 911 call!

"I would like to report a bull and cow doing it!"

I can't believe that the police responded to these idiots!

Thanks for the laugh!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Can't believe we missed this one yesterday. No wonder the small farmers in this country are leaving the farm. They're being chased out by idiots!

chezcat1970 said...

Oh, for goodness sake! People are just getting dumber by the minute!

Junior and Orion said...

I guess all these people have forgotten who feeds them! Do they think beef, chicken, pork and milk grow on trees?

TK and Squashies said...

@Junior and Orion- don't be ridiculous, beef, chicken and pork fall from the sky in neat little cellophaned Styrofoam containers.