Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dr Scholls - you suck

Really, I spent friggin $49 for your fancy dancy orthotics for my poor aching feet.  My heels feel like I'm walking on burning glass.  So, I go to the local wally-world and get on that fancy shmancy Dr Sholls machine thing, look like a dink rocking back and forth, picking up one foot and putting it down, picking up the other foot and putting it down.  Then it tells me I need some specific orthotic.  Okie dokie.  It's less expensive than the orthotics  I got years ago from the podiatrist.  Plantar Faciitis.  It felt different 15 years ago, but ok, anything to take the pressure off my heels.  I take my happy purchase home and OH MY FRIGGIN LORD.  THEY ARE WIDER THAN ANY FRIGGIN PAIR OF SHOES I OWN.  So  I cram them in a pair, and MY HEELS ARE NOW ABOVE THE TOP EDGE OF THE SHOES.   Seriously? I cannot wear them in ANY of my work shoes.  Ok, so this may be my fault - I like little ballet like girly girl shoes - I cannot wear chunky shoes, or doc martens, or anything that resembles and army boot or something my grandmother would have worn in 1898.  I like girly girl shoes.  Like "Dorothy" shoes - pumps with pretty bows on them, pretty colored shoes, pointy toes, etc.  I also have a narrow foot.  These friggin things are wider than my feet and cannot be cut down.  ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH.  Can't they make orthotics that actually fit real women's shoes?  My feet are not SQUARE.  The orthotics are.