Monday, October 29, 2007

And they wonder why I'm insane

The task for Tuesday: drive my 82 year old father to Niagara Falls Canada to shop, not for prescription medications as many senior citizens around here do, but for COCKTAIL ONIONS. Yes, you read that right. COCKTAIL ONIONS. About 4 cases of them.

My parents were married in 1958. My father was 33 and my mother 25. Every day since their wedding day, they have celebrated the "Cocktail Hour" with a Martini. Or, as in the case of the cocktail onions, a Gibson. After trying about 100 bajillion kinds of stinkin cocktail onions, they found that the only kind they like can only be found in Canada. They cannot be sent by mail order. NOOOOOOO. That would be too easy. We must drive about 75 miles and wait in line to cross the border, just to buy COCKTAIL ONIONS. I might by a case of Clamato Juice for myself. The Bartenders variety that is not sold in the States. Even though Clamato juice is made about 10 miles from my house at Duffy Mott. The last time I took my dad to Canada for onions, the border guard on the way back did not believe that we bought 4 cases of cocktail onions. When he saw that we did, he started laughing hysterically.
So, my parents are insane. But when I feel the need to go to the wineries in the Finger Lakes, they look at me like I'm totally off my rocker.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Good Old Days

So, in the mail yesterday came an invitation for my husband to the Pitt homecoming game and a get together with his Fraternity. His fraternity, for whatever reason that was really really stupid, was disbanded 10 years ago and was finally reinstalled on campus 9 months ago. YAY! In this email was a link to the chapter alumni website. So, after I gave him the information I went and peeked. All of the pictures in the alumni section were of when he and I were in college. Oh, were we ever so young and skinny? YIKES!! What memories! Parties on the porch roof, football games at the old Pitt Stadium (now why would they tear it down and build a new one downtown? what, the kids today can't walk up cardiac hill anymore?), pig roasts, football on the Cathedral Lawn, spring days laying out on the Cathedral Lawn, Schenley Park, Panther Hollow, Stephanie and I walking 5 miles from our sorority suite in freaking freezing weather to some rinky dink convienence store for a cup of hot chocolate, movies at David Lawrence Auditorium, classes in the Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning. Oh yeah, and learning. Not that I work in the field I majored in.

So, then I went and took a look around my sorority's website, to see if any of my chapter sisters had checked in to the message board. And lo and behold, there is a new networking site (that, coindicentally, my husband's fraternity is now using as well!). So I signed up. Not many of my chapter sisters have signed up yet, but if you are a member of Theta Phi Alpha and have not signed up for the new InCircle site, what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Sheesh! I get this blog going and then do nothing with it!!
What have I been doing? Let's see:

Meezer Wrangling
Job Hunting
Picking tons of veggies from the co-op farm
canning tons of veggies and fruit from the co-op farm
Job Hunting
Interviewing for jobs that I just have no desire to do
More Job Hunting!
Looking for some pay per post type opportunities.
Considering another career change. I'm probably too old though.
Maybe I'll become a trucker.
Ok, well not really seriously.
I would like to buy a farm though.