Friday, December 17, 2010

My Christmas Checklist

Today is December 17, 8 days until Christmas.  Let's see how I am doing on my checklist

1.  Wait until the last minute to start shopping for presents - crap, I bought some stuff online already.  Although I plan on hitting the stores on the 23rd.

2.  Wait until the last minute to figure out what's for dinner.  - ah crap, already thought about having ham, because I have an entire freaking pig in my freezer (yes, seriously. I bought a whole pig).  There's still time to change my mind though.

3.  Put the tree up sometime before new year.  DONE.

4.  Decorate the tree sometime before Valentine's Day - pending.  I am on schedule.

5.  Don't send out christmas cards - DONE.  I could care less about the christmas epistles from my family that I will get if I do send them out. If I don't send them cards for enough years in a row they stop sending them to me.

6.  Track down the elusive version of "We Need A Little Christmas" that I heard on the radio a couple of years ago and don't know who sang it, and then download it onto my mp3 player.  - Well, I bought the freaking GLEE christmas CD and they have quite a perky version of it on there.   Not the same but it's annoying just the same.  I wonder if Walmart music has the version I want for 67 cents.

7.  Make those delicious sea salt carmels - DONE.

8.  Make another batch of those delicious sea salt carmels to give to family and friends - working on it.

9.  Don't eat the 2nd batch of those delicious sea salt carmels - I cannot make any promises.  However, if I do I will need at least 10 more insulin shots.

10. Make my world famous egg nog - with vanilla vodka and bailey's.  - Changing it around a little this year - vanilla AND carmel vodka with a hint of Hazlenut liquor.  3 dozen eggs are waiting in the fridge to be frothed up into this lovely concoction.