Monday, June 21, 2010

Brutalizing the bushes. No, it's NOT THAT.

so, bushes are kind of like hair, right? One bad cut may make it feel uncomfortable for a while, but then it will grow out, right? 

I apologize dear forsythia.  You were getting a little bald on the top so I tried to even you up a little.  I didn't realize that now you just look short and bald.  Oh, and how on earth did you manage to start growing a white floribunda rose bush out of the middle of one of your stems? That was a little weird. 

Speaking of weird flowers -dear yellow tea rose - why did you turn into a red floribunda rose? Please turn back into the pretty yellow tea rose I planted 7 years ago. I do not like floribunda roses, there are none anywhere on my street, so why are they now growing all around my house in various colors? And growing OUT OF other plant stems? I'm getting seriously weirded out. 


Anonymous said...

My goodness! Do you live near some kind of mad scientist who's experimenting in your garden?

Eric and Flynn said...

Our mum says that a lot of roses are grafted onto the stems of stronger stock like Floribunda. If you don't cut out the new shoots that come from the ground, it will revert back to the original bush. That doesn't explain the Forsythia though unless it was also grafted onto a floribunda.
We don't know what the heck she was talking about there, we just agree with her, keeps life simple.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hmmmm....maybe Sammy's alien did it???