Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's only snow people

Dear People of Rochester, NY

Come on.  We live in ROCHESTER.  It's FEBRUARY.  Sometimes it SNOWS.  Really.  I'm not lying.  Sometimes it even snows ALOT. (and for those of you outside of Rochester, we ALWAYS get more snow than Buffalo every winter). However, it's doesn't snow for like 12 days on end with no let up.  And it generally does not pile up to 17 feet in a day.  And usually the power does not go out for a month and a half.

So, dear people of Rochester,  what the hell is with the "OH MY GOD! I NEED 27 LOAVES OF BREAD AND 18 GALLONS OF MILK TO GET THROUGH THE NEXT 7 HOURS" attitude?

How the hell many sandwiches do you all plan on eating in a day? And how much milk do you normally drink? Or are all of you making 55 gallon drums of bread pudding?

Let's all RELAX and enjoy the snow! YES it IS possible to enjoy the beauty of the snow.

However, if you ARE making 55 gallons of bread pudding, I like mine without raisins.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It will make for a softer landing for The Aliens' Mother Ship


Thumper said...


chezcat1970 said...

LOL!!! We have the same problem here! And mama says to put extra whiskey sauce on her pudding!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We take it you don't mind the snow. Or are used to it. Jan went to the store for something before our snow last month and folks were in there stocking up like we were under siege. She kinda hoped those buying the frozen pizzas and snacks had gas, in case the electric went out - or how would they cook them?

We don't get a lot of snow here so what we got shut us down for 1 1/2 days but nothing like you folks get. And if you come across anyone with a huge vat of bread pudding, we like ours without raisins too, cause furries aren't supposed to eat them.

Derby, Ducky said...

Mum said she could have used some more juice, but wouldn't risk the trip. She has just enough to get her to Thursday.

Lucinda said...

Thanks! ROTFL! You made my day. I also read Meezer Tails. Love it! I have one meezer, two tabbies and one black cat and live in Belchertown, Mass so I can somewhat identify with what you are saying (but we get nowhere near the amount of snow here that you do there). You do have quite a way with words. Thanks again. Keep up the good work!