Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The weird stuff always happens to me

Note to self: the next time ycou get a brilliant idea to carve pumpkins and hang them from a tree, DON'T!!

Although it looked VERY COOL, and the neighbors and kids loved it, the pumpkins WILL NOT appreciate being strung up and will attack you when you and your neighbors cut them down.

So, as I'm picking up a pumpkin from the ground near the tree, one of my neighbors is standing on the ICY ROCKS around the tree cutting down one of the pumpkins.  Flash to feet slipping on rocks and pumpkin hurtling to the ground.  Except that I am in between said pumpkin and the ground.  As the pumpkin is hurtling towards sure death and dismemberment, it decides to get it's final revenge on me by stabbing me in the back of the hand with it's sharp stem.  Immediately my hand went numb and I could not feel anything or move it.  Blood gushes everywhere and I run inside to get a towel to stop it and throw a bag of frozen peas on it to keep the swelling down.  Oh, and thank you dear insane neighbors for your fits of laughter, I appreciate it.  Thankfully the x-rays showed no fracture.  The numbness went away in about 3 hours, the bruise is massive and my fingers look like sausages.

I swear when I went back outside in the darkness to finish cleaning up, I heard the laughter of demented pumpkins.

Well played pumpkin, well played.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

But it's just a flesh wound ;-)

Seriously, you were lucky!
Maybe a lottery ticket today?

Barb said...

You were attacked by a pumpkin? bwahahahahaha!

ABBY said...

OH wow -- and they say freak accident -- it sure was.

Hope you're better soon!

David & kits said...

Peas and sausages ... keep your hand hidden from Miles or else it'll end up in his Foods Report next Monday! :)

Hope your hand will feel better soon.

Daisy said...

Yikes! I never knew pumpkins could be so mean!

Derby, Ducky said...

Hanging pumpkins in trees? That is a new one to us.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Advice taken! Hope your hand is better soon!

Annelisa said...

lol, your hip and trendy furry friends managed to post a Peaceglobe, but you were scaring neighbourhood children hanging pumpkins in trees! :-D

...like it!

Have a peaceful day, MeezerMom!