Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This blog is about me. Most of you know me as Meezer Mom.
My name is Mary and I am a computer information security specialist. I was laid off from my last job in September 2006, and since then I have been an independent contractor. Yeah, it stinks and it is not stable work. However, there are NO jobs where I live in Western, NY. Well, except my OLD job that: 1). I would not ever go back to unless they triple my salary 2) AND give me a new boss 3) and send me to a different department 4) and then I would still say NO.

So, now I am on my 3rd career since graduating from college 20something years ago. First, I was a pre-school teacher for a year or so. Then I was in the Special Eduction field for 10 years. Now I have been in the computer field for 10 years.
What do I want to be when I grow up? I don't know. Probably just older.


Gattina said...

Ah ! you are the Meezer mum ! Happy to meet you ! That's quite bad that there is no work around where you live, hope it works the way you choose.

Caesar and Princess said...

Great to meet you.

My mommie used to be a nurse. It was a burn out job.

Our daddy is in consulting. There are plenty of jobs in Northern Va... but it is warmer here too. Hot summers...

Anonymous said...

Good , we get to hear the other side,
kitties v mom .
Good luck!